Butterfly Knife Case Hardened: Blue Gem Seed Patterns

September 28th, 2023
Butterfly Knife Case Hardened: Blue Gem Seed Patterns
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In the world of CS2 skins, few are as iconic and sought-after as the Butterfly Knife Case Hardened. With its unique design this skin has become a favorite among players and collectors alike. However, what really sets the Butterfly Knife Case Hardened apart are the Blue Gem patterns, a rare and highly-desirable variation of the skin.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Butterfly Knife’s Blue Gem pattern seeds. We’ll explore the rarity and value of this pattern, as well as the best ways to obtain a Blue Gem Butterfly Knife. Whether you’re a collector, trader, or just a fan of CS2 skins, the Blue Gem patterns are a fascinating and important piece of the game’s history.

Ranked List of Butterfly Knife Case Hardened Blue Gem Patterns

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to buy a Butterfly Knife Blue Gem for yourself or simply want to see how much your present one is worth.

Let’s take a look at the list of of all Blue Gem patterns for the Butterfly Knife Case Hardened below:

Group Pattern Seeds
Tier 1 182, 652, 398, 838, 29, 494
Tier 2 371, 881, 721, 638, 283, 330, 868, 891, 917, 749, 839, 214, 147, 919, 73
Tier 3 798, 358, 664, 424, 618, 458, 928, 858, 130, 112, 629, 782, 902, 809, 713, 306, 720, 964, 457, 702, 510, 407, 92, 965, 924, 913, 694, 61, 776, 853, 74, 522, 256, 488, 703, 194, 248, 499, 108, 282, 411, 811, 803, 335
Tier 4 34, 770, 768, 72, 27, 453, 885, 788, 699, 989, 547, 528, 631, 208, 414, 445, 808, 332, 612, 466, 598, 630, 322, 375, 880, 38, 893, 916, 842, 741, 841, 898, 269, 854, 846, 273, 18, 575, 717, 905, 255, 844, 464, 823, 262, 658, 30, 191, 341, 377, 43, 10, 188, 420, 401, 513, 56, 671, 153, 642, 507, 116, 633, 884, 139, 505, 515, 67, 11, 42, 311, 976, 321, 426, 907, 801, 98, 111, 901, 442, 826, 236, 906, 927, 799, 974

All of the Blue Gem patterns of the Butterfly Knife Case Hardened in CS2 are listed in order of popularity and the best looking ones. While the #1 pattern 182 Blue Gem is almost totally covered in blue, the amount of blue on the Butterfly Case Hardened steadily diminishes as you move down the table. A Tier 1 Blue Gem, for example, has a lot more blue color in it than a Tier 4 Blue Gem.

Rarity and Value of Blue Gem Patterns

A Blue Gem Butterfly Knife is considered one of the rarest and most valuable skins in all of CS2. Due to its unique appearance and limited availability, Butterfy Knives with this pattern can sell for thousands of dollars on third-party marketplaces or ocasionally on the Steam Market.

The rarity of a Blue Gem can be attributed to a few different factors. First, the odds of obtaining a Blue Gem pattern are quite low, as the patterns are only a few of 1000 different variations of the Case Hardened skin.

Furthermore, not all Blue Gem patterns are created equal. Knives with a higher concentration of blue and less wear are generally considered more desirable, and can command even higher prices in the CS2 trading community. As a result, the value of a Blue Gem knife can vary widely depending on its exact appearance.

Despite the high cost of these knives, many collectors and traders see them as valuable investments. The rarity and desirability of the Blue Gem make it a popular choice for those looking to build a high-value CS2 skin collection or make a profitable trade.

Obtaining a Blue Gem Butterfly Knife

Obtaining a Blue Gem Butterfly Knife can be a difficult and expensive task, but there are a few different ways to go about it. One option is to purchase the knife directly from the Steam Community Market, although prices can be quite steep depending on the specific pattern and float.

Another option is to try your luck by opening a Breakout Case which is the only case that contains a Butterfly Knife Case Hardened. However, this can be a time-consuming and unreliable method, as the odds of getting a rare pattern are extremely low.

Can’t afford a Butterfly Knife Blue Gem?

If you’re unable to afford a Butterfly Knife Blue Gem, don’t worry as we have an alternative for you. The Butterfly Knife Case Hardened skin is still an excellent option, even without a Blue Gem pattern. Take a look at the various available offers for the Butterfly Knife Case Hardened below, and you might be able to grab a fantastic deal.

★ Butterfly Knife | Case Hardened (Factory New)
★ Butterfly Knife | Case Hardened (Factory New)
Starting at

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Blue Gem Butterfly Knife is a rare and highly sought-after skin in CS2. Its distinctive and visually appealing pattern has made it a favorite among players and collectors alike, and its rarity and limited supply make it a potentially lucrative investment opportunity.

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