Flip Knife Marble Fade: Fire and Ice Seed Patterns

September 28th, 2023
Flip Knife Marble Fade: Fire and Ice Seed Patterns
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If you’ve been playing Valve’s competitive shooter Counter-Strike 2 for a while, you might find yourself getting bored with the same old default knives in the game. Unlike most other FPS titles out there, CS2 offers its players two default knives - one for the CT side and the other for the T side - but they pale in comparison to all the stylish knives that you can unbox from cases.

The Flip Knife is arguably one of the best knives you can get for yourself in CS2. It has a sleek design and is known for its aesthetic appeal and amazing pull-out animation. There are many different skins available for the knife, each with its own unique design and color scheme. Some of the most popular Flip Knife skins include the Doppler, Fade, or the Case Hardened among others.

One of the prime reasons why the Flip Knife is so popular among players is because it is relatively affordable compared to some of the other popular knives in the game. While there are many rare and expensive skins available for the knife, there are also many affordable options that allow players to customize their Flip Knife without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for a Flip Knife skin that is as colorful as it is gorgeous, look no further than the Flip Knife Marble Fade. It is one of the finest skins that you can get for your Flip Knife, and features metallic paints under a marbleizing medium, topped with a candy coating of three colors.

Flip Knife Fire & Ice Introduction

Although the Flip Marble Fade skin is already exceptional in its own right, there’s a specific pattern that makes it stand out even further - the ‘Fire & Ice’.

Now if you’re an avid skin collector, chances are that you’re already familiar with what a ‘Fire & Ice’ pattern is. In case you’re not, let us explain.

Normally, the Marble Fade knives in CS2 consist of three primary colors - Red, Blue, and Yellow. The quantity of these colors present in the knife varies depending on the specific variant, which can be identified using a random number known as the Pattern Index. The ‘Fire & Ice’ patterns include all the pattern indexes that display only the colors red and blue on the playside, with no amount of yellow being present. If there are hints of yellow near the tip of the handle, then those patterns are referred to as ‘Fake Fire and Ice’ patterns.

The ‘Fire and Ice’ pattern on Marble Fade Flip Knives is incredibly rare, making it much more valuable than the usual designs. In fact, it is considered to be one of the rarest knife drops when unboxing cases, which explains why it fetches such a high price. The ‘Fake Fire & Ice’ patterns are more affordable but are still pricey nonetheless.

Flip Knife Fire & Ice Patterns Ranked

Curious to find out which Flip Knife Marble Fade patterns are considered to be ‘Fire & Ice’ patterns? We have you covered.

In this article, we’ve compiled together a list of all the ‘Fire and Ice’ patterns for the Flip Knife Marble Fade and ranked them based on the amount of red color they possess. Generally, ‘Max Red’ patterns are considered to be much more valuable than patterns with an even amount of red and blue colors.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the ranked list of Flip Knife ‘Fire and Ice’ patterns:

Group Pattern Seeds
1st Max 412
2nd Max 16, 146, 241, 359, 393, 541, 602, 649, 688, 701
3rd Max 152, 281, 292, 344, 628, 673, 743, 777, 792, 994
4th Max 48, 126, 129, 332, 780, 787, 874, 908, 918, 923
5th Max 182, 204, 252, 457, 522, 578, 652, 660, 685, 705, 736, 832, 988
6th Max 112, 230, 340, 356, 444, 452, 471, 607, 621, 631, 761, 773, 873, 876, 982
7th Max 8, 14, 32, 58, 108, 213, 233, 243, 274, 405, 454, 614, 653, 683, 728, 732, 770, 795, 803, 826, 867, 949
8th Max 5, 178, 188, 202, 337, 378, 406, 461, 539, 696, 702, 854, 966, 971
9th Max 68, 121, 149, 165, 171, 206, 287, 370, 493, 499, 516, 637, 655, 656, 672, 706, 766, 817, 922, 959, 997
10th Max 28, 156, 177, 238, 402, 545, 546, 553, 559, 589, 591, 725, 764, 791, 810, 844, 858, 868, 972, 977
FFI 9, 27, 90, 110, 125, 183, 195, 203, 232, 254, 329, 351, 372, 397, 404, 441, 448, 459, 473, 483, 537, 561, 590, 626, 632, 647, 710, 727, 753, 756, 785, 805, 809, 818, 869, 909, 930, 941, 962, 976, 980, 989

Flip Knife Marble Fade Insights

If you’re looking for more information about the Flip Knife Marble Fade, we got you covered. You might even snatch a good deal on a Marble Fade without the Fire & Ice pattern!

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This concludes our ranked list of all the popular ‘Fire and Ice’ patterns for the Flip Knife Marble Fade. Patterns with the most amount of red color are found towards the top of the list, while patterns towards the bottom have more blue. For instance, the ‘1st Max’ Marble Fade has the maximum amount of red possible, and as a result, it is the priciest of the bunch.

The Marble Fade Flip Knife is currently available in three CS2 cases, namely the Chroma, Chroma 2, and Chroma 3 cases, all of which are a part of the rare drop pool in the game. Keep in mind that the chances of obtaining a Marble Fade Flip Knife through case unboxing are very low. Moreover, if you are specifically aiming for the ‘Fire and Ice’ pattern, you’ll be needing some serious luck in your unboxing sessions.

An alternative way to obtain the ‘Fire and Ice’ Flip Knife is by directly purchasing it from other users through one of the many markets surrounding CS2. You can check out a list of all the markets for CS2 skins here.

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