MP5 vs. MP7 - Which One To Choose?

November 6th, 2023
MP5 vs. MP7 - Which One To Choose?
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Both the MP7 and the MP5-SD are solid mid-tier sub-machine guns in Counter-Strike 2 that are capable of quickly securing force-buy or anti-eco rounds in a team’s favor when optimally utilized. Although these SMGs are quite often seen in competitive matchmaking, one has rarely ever witnessed them being used in Professional-level matches until more recently, perhaps owing to the evolving meta that is expected to continue well into the coming years. This may encourage players to give these weapons a slot in their loadout, but a question that then arises is whether both these SMGs should be equipped or only one of them; and if the latter option is to be considered, then which among the two would be a better option to go with?

So, let’s get this conundrum out of the way before we proceed. Unlike the M4A4 and the M4A1-S which are markedly different in many facets, the MP7 and the MP5 have a few key differences, but a lot more that is common between them, which therefore makes it logical for most players to go with only one of them.

In this guide, we will give you a detailed analysis of the two guns by comparing their key properties, so that you can decide which SMG you want to take into your matches. This way, you can make the best use of your mid-tier loadout slots and own those eco rounds. So, let’s get started!

In-Depth Comparison Of The MP5 & MP7

The MP7 and the MP5 are quite similar in many regards and this was one of the main reasons why they could only be used interchangeably until recently, when the new loadout system gave players the ability to have both equipped. However, despite the similarities, there are also a few differences between the two guns and attributes which are unique to each of them. In this section, we will go through all these factors one by one to give you a thorough understanding of each gun’s strengths and weaknesses:


A similarity shared by the MP7 and the MP5 is that each gun holds 30 bullets in the magazine, with 120 in reserve. In comparison, other SMGs like the P90 hold 50, while the PP-Bizon comes with a 64-round magazine, which makes them better suited for spraying down smokes and general run-and-gun tactics. With the MP7, it’s wise for players to tactically take on engagements, utilizing the spray in bursts. The MP5 however, provides an opportunity for you to spray down an enemy smoke early since it doesn’t give away your position with its silencer and lack of tracers. Before the smoke clears, you will have enough time to reload and re-engage.

Spray Control

Learning spray patterns for guns you’ll use often is critical if you want to be taken seriously in the game, and although it may be a time-consuming affair, the reward will far outweigh anything else. Spray patterns for both the MP7 and the MP5 are almost exactly the same, and if you are contemplating using one of these, all you have to do is to take the cursor down and towards the left for the first 12 bullets, beyond which it’s better to just restart the burst.

Price & Economy

A gun’s price in CS2 in most cases reflects its worth and impact. Rifles such as the M4A4, AK-47, and AWP are pricey and difficult to purchase in every round if you are dying often and/or losing rounds. In such situations, mid-tier options will be your go-to option, and if played correctly, might give you a chance at securing a round and putting a break on the opposing team’s momentum. In comparison to other SMGs, both the MP7 and the MP5 can be purchased for $1,500, which is a tad on the higher side barring the P90, which is the most expensive. For the same amount, you can purchase an MP9 and a flashbang, or a UMP-45 and a smoke instead, which makes their purchase hard to justify for many players, especially in the context of the MP9, which is better in comparison to these two SMGs in a few aspects. However, we will discuss later why this might not always be the best choice. The kill reward for both SMGs is the same as well and nets a player $600 per kill.

Rate Of Fire

One of the areas where SMGs outshine rifles is in their rate of fire, which is usually much higher across the board. This is true for both the MP7 and MP5 as well, both having a fire rate of 750 rounds per minute. This high rate of fire results in substantial damage in a short amount of time, which can easily dispatch enemies if sprayed accurately.

Damage Output

Damage output is one attribute where the MP7 completely outclasses its counterpart, the MP5, in every category, which makes a considerable difference when taking head-on engagements. To start off, we have illustrated the damage dealt by these guns to enemies who have a Kevlar and Helmet equipped:

Target Area MP7 MP5
Head - Armored 62 57
Chest - Armored 15 14
Stomach - Armored 19 18
Legs - Armored 18 17

As is evident from these values, the MP7 manages to deal more damage compared to the MP5, at an average distance of 40 feet. At greater distances, these values drop off progressively but still favor the MP7.

Next, we are going to showcase the damage values for the MP7 and MP5 on different sections of the enemy’s body when they don’t have a Kevlar and Helmet equipped:

Target Area MP7 MP5
Head - Unarmored 99 92
Chest - Unarmored 24 23
Stomach - Unarmored 31 28
Legs - Unarmored 18 17

What we can gather from the above is that even against unarmored opponents, the damage output of the MP7 stands to be marginally better than the MP5. On the other hand, the Damage per Second value against armored opponents targeted at the chest for the MP7 is also better at 187 DPS compared to the MP5’s 175 DPS.

Both SMGs have an Armor Penetration value of 62.5%, which means 62.5 % of the damage dealt will be deducted from the enemy’s health, while the remaining will be absorbed by the armor. So for instance, if you hit an enemy wearing Kevlar in the Chest, you will give 15 points of damage to the enemy’s health instead of 24 points if they were unarmored, with 9 points of damage being absorbed by the armor.

Other Factors

Besides the most important aspects which we have discussed so far, there are others which we will briefly touch upon here. Reload time can be an important factor especially when contact has been made with the enemy. A faster reload time means you can get back into engagements quicker and pick off opposing players before being killed yourself. The MP5 wins this battle with its marginally faster reload time of 2.9 seconds compared to the MP7’s 3.1 seconds.

Another attribute that goes in the favor of the MP5 is Movement speed, which refers to the speed at which the player model moves, calculated in Hammer units per second (16 Hammer units = 1 foot). For the MP5, movement speed while running and having the gun equipped is 235 Hammer units per second, while for the MP7, it’s 220 Hammer units per second.

Lastly, recoil control for the MP5 is just slightly better for the MP5 at 85%, in comparison to the MP7’s 84%.

MP5 Skins vs. MP7 Skins

And now we get to the fun bit. The good news is that since both guns are mid-tier category weapons, demand for their skins tends to be somewhat muted compared to more popular rifles, and certain pistols. The general playing community does not typically spend too much on them, which is largely why their skins remain affordable for the most part, with a few exceptions. Since the loadout system of CS2 allows players to equip both SMGs at the same time, we will give our suggestion of a good skin for each of these guns which not only looks great but is affordable as well:

MP7 Skin - Bloodsport

The Bloodsport is a popular skin that has previously been released for the Ak-47 and the SCAR-20. Its latest iteration came for the MP7, making it the only Covert level skin for the SMG. It’s an amazing-looking skin with a red and black hydrographic base, covered in various white logo decals. The gun is affordable even in Factory New condition, and a must-buy if you are planning on using the MP7. You can check out all the listings for the skin below:

MP7 | Bloodsport (Factory New)
MP7 | Bloodsport (Factory New)
Starting at

MP5 Skin - Phosphor

If there is one skin you want to put your money into for the MP5, make it the Phorphor. It’s one of only two Classified-level skins for the gun, and extremely affordable as well. The skin comes in a navy blue base coat, on top of which are different shades of colors such as neon green, teal, and pink, painted in a dripping manner. You can view all listings of the gun on various third-party marketplaces below:

MP5-SD | Phosphor (Minimal Wear)
MP5-SD | Phosphor (Minimal Wear)
Starting at

Conclusion: Which Weapon to Use?

The answer for which weapon to use may well remain subjective. With the new loadout system that CS2 offers, players are spoilt for choice more than ever before. You can now take up to 5 different SMGs into the match and choose to play with whichever one you like. But if you want to get any better at the game, it would be a good option to start with either the MP5 or the MP7. We earlier mentioned that some players might want to go with the MP9 considering its lower price point and some attributes that stand to be better than either the MP7 or MP5. But the fact is that owing to its high fire rate, it may be more difficult to manage its recoil, especially on anti-eco rounds where you might sometimes be the only player against a 5-man rush. The MP7 and MP5 are both easier to manage in terms of recoil once you practice their spray patterns.

With the MP5, you have the advantage of taking on engagements stealthily and picking off enemies as they rush into a site owing to its suppressor and lack of tracers, but if your aim isn’t good enough, you might not be able to make the most of it due to its low damage output.

However, it is our opinion that players should start out with the MP7. With an easy-to-manage recoil and rate of fire, good damage output, and armor penetration, the SMG is a solid mid-tier option and offers a great deal of versatility at various ranges, and on all types of rounds, whether they are force-buy, or anti-eco ones. For maximum effectiveness, it’s best to spray at close ranges, and fire bursts at medium ranges. As you get better with it, you will feel it starting to make a difference in your overall match results.

Finally, players should also keep in mind the fact that the meta in CS2 is constantly shifting based on the updates that Valve implements to the title. So don’t be surprised if the developers ship out a patch buffing or nerfing either of the two weapons in the near future.

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